Offer for offices

Very good coffee in your office

We will take care of all the coffee needs of your employees and guests.

How do we do it?

We will roast and deliver fresh specialty quality coffee to the company.

We will provide the equipment so that your employees stop complaining about the same espresso or cappuccino being boring all the time. You can choose to lease a machine or a coffee contract.

We know that some of your staff love alternative methods and overflows, so we will help you choose the right setup with a grinder and overflow machine.

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Why is it worth it? 

Employees will stop complaining about the typical lout from the office

You will provide your team with the comfort and opportunities they deserve

The availability of good coffee and robust equipment is a great benefit that will set you apart from the majority of businesses that put up a mediocre machine and expressionless coffee

Your colleagues will appreciate your commitment, care and effort in building a friendly workplace

The best ideas are born in the fumes of coffee

Good coffee is uplifting, brings joy

Employees who drink good coffee do their jobs better

You choose. We burn. 

We turn coffee beans into ideas for your employees. 

Very good coffee for employees already ordered? 

No? Well, order a few packets of fresh coffee before your employees look disappointedly into their empty cups. Write to us and we'll find the best coffee for you.

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